Surya was born and raised on farming land in Baturiti (near Bedugul, Bali) and comes from Chinese-Balinese heritage, as a young boy in the village he was introduced to traditional herbal medicines including Jamu.



Jamu refers to the traditional system of herbal medicine in Indonesia, believed to have originated 1300 years ago in the Hindu/Buddhist Mataram Kindgdom in Java.


When still small Surya’s mother would take him to the morning markets to teach him all she knew about traditional ingredients  - whilst schooling in Java buying Jamu from the Jamu Gendong was something of a daily ritual, Surya’s knowledge of Traditional Jamu grew strong. 


Herbs, spices and cooking with them - fast became not only his passion but his artisanal craft.   Surya began researching the origins, myths, tightly guarded recipes and commercial applications of Jamu's Nutritional Medicine.


Surya began to concoct Globe Tumeric Jamu at home to help with his personal liver challenges, he grew his own ingredients organically and treated his liver with remarkable results.     His research into brewing variations of the local Medicinal Jamu lead him to commence brewing Kunyit Asem – the foundation of Jamu Jawa as we know it today. 


Meanwhile, serendipity was unfolding and Julie had begun her travels to Bali at 18 and soon fell in love with the land, therapies, culture and customs.   Surya spotted Julie in 1996, he knew he’d found someone very unique.  What they didn’t know at the time was that their shared passion for traditional healing, wellness philosophies, nutri-medicine and holistic healing would lead them to create a very special space that reflected their combined passions – 20+ years on. 


Whilst Surya mastered his skills in the kitchen, Julie was a creative savvy and successful global Spa + Wellness Consultant having headed up some of the world’s leading global spa concepts – to name a few, Mandara Balinese Spas (the largest Spa company in the World), Gili Lankanfush Maldives was awarded 4th Best Spa in the World by Trip Advisor, Four Seasons and Intercontinental are some of the leading brands Julie was responsible for.  Julie re-branded Rock Spa by Hard Rock Hotels Asia.


It was time for Julie and Surya to combine their unique skills and they went on to launch their own International Spa + Wellness Consultancy in 2009 Dharma Spa Services consulting to Wellness Spas and Health Retreats across SE Asia, Middle East, Australia and the Maldives.


Jump cut to 2018 - now living back in Australia with their son as he graduates High School, Julie and Surya can be found working hard in the forefront of the kitchen (and behind the scenes) as the Founders of Lalahbali.com, which has fast built a reputation in Southern Queensland as the go-to for traditional Balinese style catering and Lalah Bali's very own branded Sambals and Spice Pastes.


The recent launch of Jamu Jawa is their natural progression of bold, yet simple, practical and exotic medicinal plant curations – bringing to Australia consumers a TRUELY AUTHENTIC ancient adaptogenic-mix via brewing techniques passed down in an artistic licence in formulae and measurements - via Surya’s very own traditional healing blood-lines.