Do I Need to Refrigerate my Jamu Upon Delivery?

Our Jamu is a naturally brewed product and contains no preservatives so requires refrigeration on opening.

How Much Jamu Should I Drink Per Day?

Take 100 mls as a daily tonic for general health, to assist digestion and reduce inflammation. Take 150 mls daily to support liver health, detoxification and assist weight loss.

I Have A Nut Allergy - Does Jamu Contain Traces of Nuts?

Our Jamu does not contain nuts, however it is brewed in a facility where there are tree nuts used in production.

Can I Drink Too Much Jamu?

If you drink too much Jamu it can upset the stomach and cause diarrhoea as it is very active on the gut. Stick to the guidelines of 100ml -150ml daily and don't exceed 250 mls daily.